Guillaume is a tech enthusiast and a guitar player. Though he wrote his first lines of code at the age of 7 and still listens to his geek side, he holds a Master of Science degree in Material Science and spent the last 17 years developing complex yield management, data analysis and process control solutions for the semiconductor industry.
Based out of Austin, TX, Guillaume now leads the CodeValue effort in establishing a meaningful presence in the US. He believes in making a difference in how software gets built and serves individuals.
Over his career, Guillaume has grown extensive experience in all aspects of global operations in software development, including offshoring and outsourcing. Road-warrior at times, he spent the bulk of his time working with customers, and ran projects, operations and sales. Over the last 10 years, he focused on product and product marketing management roles, driving teams to deliver highly profitable software products, and enabling end users to achieve complex analysis tasks in spite of overwhelming data, enabling positive UX.