Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring services

The modern software development world is a dynamic place. With new technologies and new versions of existing technologies coming out of vendors all the time, it is hard to stay up to date on platforms and framework which are relevant for your needs.

You could be either maintaining an existing system or developing a brand new one – good quality knowledge and training to your team could be hard to obtain. While some prefer online on-demand courses, CodeValue can deliver on-site customized training sessions with accredited experts in their fields, highly experienced in real-world software development, allowing to best utilize and enhance your most powerful and expensive resource – your team.

Our unique features

  • On-site training sessions taught by accredited experts.
  • Customized content suited to your technological and business needs.
  • Training as part of a larger development project, or in a standalone manner.
  • Large breadth of available courses on various advanced cutting-edge technologies.
  • Highly experienced mentors, which translate to high value courses.

Value Proposition

CodeValue offers a full spectrum of training for the multiple technologies in which we specialize, as well as new ones as they arrive to market.
Because our courses are taught by accredited experts in their fields, highly experienced in real-world software development, our courses are not just theoretical but also highly practical.
Beyond structured courses, CodeValue offers a wide range of internal training tailored to meet our customer’s specific requirements, and can even deliver individual training if necessary. CodeValue offers full spectrum training in various technologies we specialize in, as well as new ones, as they come into the fore.

Eran Stiller

Technology / Platforms

  • AWS, Azure, OpenStack etc.
  • Cloud Offerings – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Storage – Azure BLOB, S3, EBS/EFS etc.
  • Relational Databases – SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySql, RDS, etc.
  • NoSql Databases – DynamoDB, CosmosDB, MongoDB, Redis, Casandra, etc.
  • Queues and Messaging brokers – Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS etc.
  • IoT – Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core
  • Containers and Orchestration – Docker, Windows Containers, Kubernetes etc.
  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, Athena, HDInsight, Azure DataBricks
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Azure ML, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) etc.
  • AI – Bot Services, Cognitive Services