IoT and Embedded Software

Why the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Contemporary embedded platforms, joined by high bandwidth connectivity and cloud infrastructure have evolved into the “Internet of Things” (IoT) of today.
The new generation of embedded solutions is driven by low cost and highly integrated devices – connecting to new sensors and facilitating entry into new markets and verticals.
For applications gathering data, monitoring, controlling, or interacting with remote devices, IoT platforms are indispensable to creating value and enabling extremely fast time to market. However, getting the devices up and running is only a small part of the challenge. It is also – and even more critical – to manage the wealth of these devices, acquire data without friction, and process it into actionable and valuable business insights. This is where IoT platforms and cloud infrastructures come in.

We Excel at

  • Defining and delivering the architecture that will scale?
  • Taking advantage of existing platforms
  • Writing efficient embedded code for devices
  • Developing solutions that efficiently connect massive amounts of devices to users
  • Enhancing the IoT experience, from UX to data management


Our experience ensures you the smoothest and most efficient transition possible.
CodeValue is a business partner of both Microsoft Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Our cloud division consists of Certified Cloud Architects and Developers who are experienced in solving complex architectural problems, designing and delivering real enterprise-class software products to customers.

Michael Kanevsky

Technology / Platforms

  • Azure Storage
  • DynamoDB
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Azure
  • Azure Cloud Service
  • C#
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Big Data
  • IaaS – Infractructure as a Service