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At CodeValue we live and breathe the latest technology and help companies around the globe to build great software. From cloud migrations to IoT, embedded software to web & mobile applications, we help you succeed with software and foster intentional harmony between UX and the complete development process. We simply “get it done,” bringing your vision and goals to life!

Cloud Computing

Migrating to the cloud?
Implementing microservices?
Authoring a SaaS solution?
Going for High-Availability?
Optimizing costs?

IoT and Embedded Software

Implementing the Internet of Things?
Connecting large amounts of devices? Managing millions of users?


Implementing HA?
Continuous Deployments for Web Apps?
Logs & diagnostics for production environments?
Automated cloud provisioning?

Advanced Web Technologies

Getting developers up-to-speed on required technologies?
Catching up on a new version's features?
Needing to start development using a cutting-edge technology?

UI/UX & Graphic Design

Translating your vision into UX? Understanding your business case? Upgrading your UX / UI / graphical design? Converting user workflows into requirements?

Training and Mentoring

Getting developers up-to-speed on required technologies?
Catching up on a new version's features?
Needing to start development using a cutting-edge technology?

Advanced Mobile Technologies

Dreaming about Apps?
Deciding between Native and Cross-Platform?
Complementing your solution with mobile?

Software Architecture

Building a brand-new product? Defining your software architecture?
Modernizing your product?
Responding to emerging product needs?
Considering a SaaS solution?

Development Management and Methodology

Making Agile work?
Implementing Scrum/Kanban?
Project management coach?
Need flexible & agile in complex projects?

Creating Value

Get Underway

Creating the next big thing?
Disrupting the tech space?
Bringing your idea to life?

You dream it, we build it, you own it!

Whether you have a vision that needs turning into a plan or simply don't know where to start, we help you substantiate your ideas into execution.

This is all about software and user experience.

Your vision. Your plan. Your product.

Test the Waters

Proving an idea?
Gaining exposure?
Harvesting customer feedback?

Just enough, just in time

From building your next MVP or testing a concept to validating a product idea, we assist you every step in the way.

We help you deliver just the right value to move on to the next stage.

Your concept. Incremental value. Validation.

Turn the Ship

Needing more fire power?
Implementing new technologies?
Needing help for product delivery?

Bring in the experts

Whether you need to give your R&D team more fire power or rely on external expertise for specific software needs, we are here for you.

We complement existing teams to help you succeed. We write code, implement DevOps, but also train and coach.

Your requirements. Our expertise. Delivery!

Full Speed Ahead

Building sophisticated applications?
Implementing innovation?
Tackling a technical challenge?

Embrace Innovation

Cloud, IoT, embedded software, web, mobile, desktop applications, AI, AR, VR, Blockchain,… Our team of experts has you covered.

We help you succeed with ramping new technologies and methodologies.

Your ideas. Our Experts. Innovate!


What you need. Where you need it.


“Dell EMC needed an innovative way to showcase its PowerEdge server technology capabilities at  Dell Technologies World 2018. Codevalue partnered with us on a very aggressive schedule to develop a complete mobile and web-based blockchain demo.  It was a very successful demo and we are very pleased with Codevalue’s technical and on-time delivery ability.”

Jonathan Seckler

Director, PowerEdge Marketing

The Team

Erez Fliess - CodeValue Founder & CEO
Erez Fliess
Alon Fliess - CodeValue Founder & Chief Architect
Alon Fliess
Aaron Etchin
CodeValue Practice Leader: Amir Zuker
Amir Zuker
Ariel Ben Horesh
Eli Arbel
Eran Stiller
Erez Pedro
Michael Kanevsky
Gil Wolbrum
Guy Nesher
Moaid Hathot
Nir Dobovizki
Stas Rivkin
Ronen Rubinfeld
Ben Eldar
Dani Beck
Ilana Glotman
Guillaume Hennion
Guillaume Hennion

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