Haim Kabesa is a DevOps solution architect, senior consultant, technological leader, instructor and musician.
There is nothing that fascinates him more than to learn new technologies and spread his knowledge and experience with the community. He designed and implemented DevOps solutions for many complex distributed systems working both on cloud and on-premises infrastructures, while using cutting-edge technologies and his many years of experience in this field. While so many tools and infrastructures are available out there, Haim always tries to keep his solution as simple and efficient as it can.

As the leader the DevOps group of CodeValue, Haim trains teams for customers who want to embrace the fast-growing world of DevOps. He is also frequently giving lectures on various DevOps related topics, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, cloud infrastructure automation, test automation, and the entire DevOps stack. Currently, the topics that inspire him the most are Cloud Native apps and Unikernels.